Caps Set Professional (Set of 32) With Club Logo


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Set of 32 (14 White, 14 Blue and 4 Red)

Made from three pieces of fabric for a perfect fit to the head, providing comfort and making it difficult to grab. Double reinforced seams with long tape. Made from long lasting fabric that is perforated to ensure the water runs off. Long lasting color and chlorine resistant. Fabric Content: 55% PBT, 45% Polyester. Ear protectors in perforated thermoplastic material, easily adaptable but shock resistant.
Turbo was founded more than fifty years ago, it is now, unquestionably, one of the worlds leading swimwear brands. Turbo swimwear products are chosen by thousands of competitive swimmers. divers, synchronised swimmers and waterpolo teams around the world. In all sectors, the Turbo commitment, has always been to offer to its customers quality and innovation, with the guarantee of absolute satisfaction.

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